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Commercial Pressure Cleaning | External Building Clean

Our commercial pressure cleaning offers a professional approach to cleaning your commercial building. Commercial premises typically generates a more frequent dirt and mould build up that can not only effect your visual appeal but also reduce the life of your exterior paint work. Our cleaning solution not only cleans any carbon based materials but acts as a preventative measure to any further build up of dirt and mould. What ever your surface requires, we have the equipment to get it done.

Factory & Workshop Cleaning

Poseidon Pressure Cleaning is an ideal solution for any factory cleaning, our systems combines high pressure with the use of hot water, cold water or steam which removes wastes and contaminants. Our commercial pressure cleaning eliminates the dirt, dust and grime build up typically found within a factory type environment. Whether your using our commercial pressure cleaning services as an on-going treatment or one off annual clean, we have the equipment required to produce a clean finish, whilst minimising your businesses down time.

Trucks & Machinery Cleaning

If you’re wanting to keep your equipment and machinery looking its best than we offer an affordable cleaning solution for any trucks and machinery. Equipment such as fork lifts, Electronic platforms and trucks build up layers of dirt and grime over time, a clean surface area can often be spoiled by the use of this equipment. Prolong your clean factory by getting the machinery and equipment washed as well.

Commercial Pressure Cleaning | Hard Surface Pressure Cleaning

Our hard surface pressure cleaning has been designed to specifically clean any high traffic areas. We not only remove any dirt or grime build up but we can also remove any oil stains and tyre marks caused by any heavy duty machinery. All of our commercial pressure cleaning can be available in hot water, cold water and also steam depending on what your surface requires. If you don’t have time to stop your day to day business operation, we can also conduct our pressure cleaning services outside of standard business hours.

Car Park Cleaning

High traffic car park areas become soiled from motor vehicle contaminants such as oil and grease. These types of residue build up can not only reduce your businesses appeal but can also over time, lead to concrete damage and present a hazard to visitors and employees. Our commercial pressure cleaning technology results in reduced mess, enhanced safety and a faster return to operation for your car park.  We can also re-spray any line markings that have been damaged or faded over time.

Concrete Sealing

Poseidon Pressure Cleaning has the ability to provide a concrete sealant that will allow it to stay clean for longer. Most contaminant build ups are unable to be easily cleaned as they tend to penetrate the surface area. Our sealants stop them from penetrating the surface area allowing them to be easily cleaned and maintained with general cleaning items such as, brooms and everyday hose pressure.

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What Areas Are Suitable For High Pressure Cleaning?

  • Building Exterior

    Your building exterior can be the first thing your customers see, always give your customers the best first impression with a clean building.

  • Commercial Drive Way

    Whether you use your drive way frequently or very rarely, tyre marks from cars and machinery can build up very quickly. Our rotary washer and pressure cleaners can remove any build up on your driveway, included painted concrete.

  • Internal And External Roof

    Commercial sheds and workshops can be exposed to constant high temperatures along with rising dust and dirt. Let us clean your workshop from top to bottom!

  • Outdoor Tile Areas

    If your business has an outdoor tiled entrance allow our pressure cleaning to remove any build up without damaging your tiles.

  • Emergency Spill Clean Ups

    If your business has had a substance spill and you require a high attention to detail in the removal of any spill stains our environmentally compliant pressure washing can get your surface back to as good as new.

  • Graffiti Effected Areas

    Unfortunately businesses can be targeted and vandalised by graffiti. Our pressure cleaning services can remove graffiti from any effected areas.

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  • Poseidon Pressure Cleaning Townsville
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  • Poseidon Pressure Cleaning Townsville
    Poseidon Pressure Cleaning Townsville
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  • Poseidon Pressure Cleaning Townsville
    Poseidon Pressure Cleaning Townsville
  • Poseidon Pressure Cleaning Townsville
    Poseidon Pressure Cleaning Townsville
  • Poseidon Pressure Cleaning Townsville
    Poseidon Pressure Cleaning Townsville

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