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High Pressure Cleaning Townsville | Your residential pressure cleaning specialists.

Residential Pressure Cleaning Townsville

Our residential pressure cleaning services includes a number of different wash techniques including High pressure cleaning Townsville and soft wash pressure cleaning. our high pressure cleaning services are perfect for your hard surface areas however, our soft wash cleaning is perfect for painted surfaces.

Low Pressure Cleaning Townsville

Residential Pressure Cleaning | Low Pressure House Cleaning

Poseidon Pressure Cleaning Townsville offer a professional approach to our residential pressure cleaning services. As part of our residential pressure cleaning services we offer an affordable low pressure house washing. Our cleaning solutions are designed to break down any materials that have built up over time, our low pressure house washing provides a clean and also implements preventative measures to deter future mould and mildew growth.

Roof & High Area Cleaning

Our residential pressure cleaning includes soft wash roof cleaning is specifically designed to remove any build of dirt and mould using our soft wash rotary cleaner. Our roof cleaning is suitable for all roof surfaces, your roof gets a full time exposure to harsh weather conditions, our roof cleaning is a simple stress free method of cleaning the surface area, gutters and also cleaning solar panels (if applicable).

High Pressure Cleaning Townsville

Residential Pressure Cleaning | High Pressure Cleaning Townsville

Our high pressure cleaning services are the perfect solution whether the area your wanting to clean is cement, pebble crete, sandstone, bricks or pavers our high pressure cleaning services targets the area releasing any stubborn stains that have penetrated the surface. If your looking for high pressure cleaning Townsville than Poseidon Pressure Cleaning is the leading high pressure cleaning  business that can clean any hard surface around your home to bring back their visual appeal. Get in contact with us now and see how our high pressure cleaning services will bring the life back into your home.

Driveways, Paths & Stairways

High pressure cleaning Townsville target hard surface areas that have been penetrated by contaminants. North Queensland and its tropical weather conditions allows these type of areas to remain damp which then causes mould to grow over these surfaces. Our high pressure cleaning targets these areas removing any mould build up. We also offer a sealant application to seal these exposed areas to prevent further growth.

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Our Residential Pressure Cleaning Specialties

We consider ourselves to be residential pressure cleaning specialists which means we always provide the highest level of services on all our high pressure cleaning services. View the below areas that are covered by our high pressure cleaning services or our soft wash residential pressure cleaning.

  • House Exterior

    Our residential pressure cleaning is a low pressure house cleaning service that allows us to wash the exterior paintwork of your home without damaging or chipping the paint.

  • Drive Way

    High pressure cleaning Townsville offers a deeper clean that penetrates the surface removing the most stubborn of stains. Our professional residential pressure cleaning services includes a clean driveway surface. High pressure cleaning Townsville are constantly challenged with a drive way effected by grease contaminants, tyre marks and mould stains. Our high pressure cleaning services remove common drive way stains with ease. Once clean we can also layer the drive way with a sealant to ensure simple cleaning in the future.

  • Fences

    Our high pressure cleaning services can be used on concrete/brick and wooden fences to remove any mould or dirt build up. High pressure cleaning Townsville does not recommend to use our high pressure cleaning services on painted fences however, a soft wash will be appropriate to remove any surface build up.

  • Tiled/Colorbond Roof

    Rooftops can often be forgotten about our rotary cleaners are suitable for any rooftops that require some love and attention.

  • Solar Panels

    Maximise your solar panels efficiency by keeping them clean. High pressure cleaning Townsville avoids washing the solar panels with its high pressure cleaning techniques, due to the material that solar panels are made of our soft wash efficiently cleans the surface of the panels removing any build up and allowing them to work to their best potential.

  • Balconies

    Balconies or outdoor areas tend to be a high traffic area that results in dirt build up over time. Our high pressure cleaning services are designed not only to clean but to deter future mildew growth. Depending on the surface of the balcony or deck, our residential pressure cleaning service would typically offer either a soft wash approach or a high pressure cleaning service.

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We Don’t Just Do Residential Pressure Cleaning. Use Our High Pressure Cleaning Services At Your Business.

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Our modern technology equipment utilises the strength of high pressure cleaning services to remove contaminants of hard porous areas. Typically, stubborn stains like grease, tyre marks and aged mould which can be removed with our high pressure cleaning services by your high pressure cleaning Townsville specialist.

Our residential pressure cleaning services is recommended by high pressure cleaning Townsville for hard surface areas. The high pressure cleaning services that we offer are perfect for most paths, pools, patio areas, pavers, tennis courts and retaining walls.

Poseidon high pressure cleaning Townsville are backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee. Our business is supported by our customers so we want to make sure that your 100% satisfied with the residential pressure cleaning services that we provide.

Residential Pressure Cleaning Services

 Townsville’s climate is the perfect breeding ground for environmental contamination, letting mould continue to spread throughout your home can be dangerous to your health and rot any weatherboard or wooden material. Our residential pressure cleaning services offers a high pressure cleaning service and a soft wash approach where applicable to eliminate further contamination of your home.

For areas that are not appropriate for our high pressure cleaning services, we utilise a 3 stage soft washing process. Our 3 stage residential pressure cleaning process includes using a low pressure wash and environmentally friendly soaps. Soft wash house washing ensures that there is no water damage to any of your exterior paintwork or structures.

Poseidon high pressure cleaning Townsville will bring a fresh new look to your home and will increase your property value. Our residential pressure cleaning services will remove all the dirt and bacteria around your home and will leave your property more hygienic and healthier for you and your family.